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Zumba classes near you in Parow , Monte Vista , Tableview and Melkbosstrand

   Zumba low impact High intensity GROUP   Dance Fitness Classes Cape Town

The GOLD classes are aimed at all fitness levels. A fitness program that everyone can do. Beginners welcome,  look for a class near you.

Group exercise has its benefits in that you become a family with new friends you make , they motivate you to be at the next class .. Not everyone has a liking for gyms and prefer private group exercise programs to keep them in shape

However not everyone is able to jump around for various reasons..  Therefore my Zumba GOLD classes are aimed specifically to all levels of fitness, so that we do not Exclude people that wish to enjoy a dance fitness class .

The Zumba class is 60 minutes of low impact high intensity dance movements to keep you both in shape and smiling and most importantly to keep coming back for more .. and it can be done by everyone ..

8000 steps and 450 calories a hour while you are smiling -- That is Zumba

My classes are found in Tableview - Melkbosstrand - Parow - Monte Vista and the retirement village of Farmersfield in Edgemead ..

Tableview and Melkbos offer Both Morning and Evening Classes .. Go here for more information Melkbos  - Tableview


Zumba low impact high intensity weight loss classes in Tableview and Parow
Zumba Class times for 2021. Tableview, Melkbos, Monte Vista and Parow


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