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   Zumba Fitness  classes Monte Vista

Staying in shape does not have to be a grind -  So if you are not a gym person and you feel you need some group fitness classes - Well Monte Vista is your place to be

Zumba classes have been going since 2015 under the instruction of Peter Klipfel ...

Venue : Grace Presbyterian Church --corner of Camoens and Barrow road ...

A great venue and very popular situated across a big park in the center of Monte Vista .

Classes are held twice a week every Monday and Wednesday @ 5.50pm 

Also in the hall prior to Zumba GOLD classes is a PILATES class held by Tracy Williams - contact 0825631689

Call Peter on 0828762516 or drop me a E-mail and get your  FREE intro class for 2020

Monte Vista Zumba instructor - Peter Klipfel
Monte Vista  Zumba Venue -- Grace presbyterian church
monte vista  Zumba classes for beginners

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