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          Costs in Joining Zumba Classes with Peter Klipfel in 2023

Joining a class is dead easy  - Call me or E-mail me .  The contact info is below or press the evelope on the top left and send me a email

The 1st class is FREE and you can join any of my Zumba classes at anytime of the month -- THERE ARE NO CONTRACTS

R350 per month  for 2 x 60min  classes a week       R200 per month for  1 x 60min  classes a week 

It is beneficial to do at least 2 classes a week to stay in shape and tone up as well as lose weight ..

Call  0828762516  or Email  me -  click on the link


Zumba beginner classes in Parow and monte Vista
Zumba class prices in Cape Town

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