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Everyone can do Zumba classes
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Everyone want to look good , but exercise can be tedious and boring -- That is where Zumba breaks the barriers .. Its FUN all the way .. NO diet pills - No diet Shakes -- Just lose yourself in the music and Find yourself in shape with Peter Klipfel and his unique way of getting people to where they want to be ...

No Contracts and the 1st Class is FREE to Try Out  .

Zumba class times and venues in Cape Town

Staying in Shape during Winter --- How its done

Who Should Take Zumba?
 Zumba is truly for anyone who can stand up and dance. And "dance" is a very liberal term here, as no dance experience or skills are necessary. People of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome and encouraged to attend classes.

Class incorporates Latin Dance , Core Muscle conditioning - Piloxing - Planking-Interval training..   All done in 60min and designed to keep you fit and keep that weight down.


My goal is simple: --- I want you to want to work out, and enjoy working out, doing the Zumba fitness program .Most of all we want to motivate you and keep coming back for more . We want you to achieve your goals and reap the benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in a one exciting hour of calorie burning, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life

Not happy with your  weight , body condition , Muscle condition , fitness level , Stamina , Rythem , fatigued , leg shape , butt , flabby tummy well look no further ..Zumba is the Latin-inspired, dance-fitness workout that is designed for everyone.

Whether you can dance or have two left feet, Zumba is for EVERYONE! From age 16 to 80 -- now 20 million people worldwide are doing zumba  -  WHY? because it is fun and it works
It's a fun party atmosphere and you don't even realize you're exercising. It's a 1-hour weight loss and cardio dance class that combine a mix of music styles/rhythms. Salsa, Flamenco, Swing, Merengue, Reggaeton, Hip hop , Rumba... just to name a few. Add in extra toning movements and you got a awesome workout that will keep you coming back for more .

losing weight has got to be fun - Zumba Cape town

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