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4.what is Zumba all about

My designed programs that can help you:

•Lose weight; control weight
•Improve cardiovascular strength
•Strengthen and tone muscle
•Improve endurance,speed and agility
•Boost stamina
•Reduce stress
•Manage chronic health conditions (diabetes, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, back pain, osteoporosis)
•Increase metabolic rate
•Improve sleep patterns

•Sharpen your focus
•Boost your feel-good stimulators (dopamine and serotonin)
•Build self confidence
•Develop a improved memoryMake new frinds and become part of a worldwide family

Men & Zumba Fitness

eating right and Zumba fitness

My goal is simple: --- I want you to want to work out, and enjoy working out, doing the Zumba fitness program .Most of all we want to motivate you and keep coming back for more . We want you to achieve your goals and reap the benefits while experiencing an absolute blast in a one exciting hour of calorie burning, awe-inspiring movements meant to engage and captivate for life

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To live a happy, healthy life it is important to value physical health, and to make changes pertaining to a greater physical well-being. Getting in shape may be high on your agenda or it may not have crossed your mind recently. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just know that you have a healthy body, the same simple advice applies to everyone. Health is valuable. Your approach to health should be long-term, and aim for a healthy lifestyle

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