Email Peter for more information on the live online Zumba Classes


       Joining the Zumba Zoom online live class - call 0828762516

online Zumba classes in Cape Town April 2020

Joining a class is dead easy  --  Drop me a whatsapp / sms on 0828762516 or email me for more details

The 1st Class is FREE..  So lets do this

Bring a small hand towel and water with you and start your fun fitness dance journey

Whether you can dance or not is not important - what is important is the will power to do something about your stress , fitness and general well being .

All my classes are designed for both the beginner and the those that have been with me for years  ..

There is NO competition ,

No standard ,

No judgement  -  You join in and you go at your own speed ..  The beat of the music will keep you moving with low impact routines that will not injure you ...but will leave you with a smile and new friends ..

Zumba beginner classes in Parow
Beginner Zumba classes in Tableview

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