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Zumba classes near you in Parow , Monte Vista , Tableview and Melkbosstrand

   Fitness Classes Near You

Everyone has their idea to what a fitness class should look like - Some think that if you go Gung Ho that what will get you in shape - and maybe it will , but you will pay the price as you get older in medical bills  - that a Pappa / for sure.

Others feel they need to get into shape but have physical or medical problems - Zumba Fitness classes in Monte Vista, Parow, Melkbosstrand and Tableview have got you covered and will get you on your way to a fitter and stronger body through carefully thought out Routines that everyone can do .. 

Most gyms and fitness classes cater for the young and strong --  but what about those that need to step out the mainstream fitness and still stay in shape with routines that work if you apply yourself ..

At 67 and the instructor doing 16 hours of classes a week and still my four karate classes I teach - I got what you need to stay in shape - with that we offer eating plans and motivational tips to make your life much better .


Zumba fitness with weights -- Parow , Tableview, Melkbos and Monte Vista

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