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What is a Zumba instructor-  All the facts

Zumba education specialists host classes for the purpose of teaching the Zumba rhythm and dance movements in the form of fitness routines. Having a fitness and dance background is beneficial for individuals aspiring to become Zumba education specialists; however, it is not a prerequisite. The instructors actively assist class members with the dance movements and clearly explain the steps of the Zumba dance movements.

The schedules for the Zumba instructor training courses are located on the Zumba website (see Resources). Aspiring Zumba education specialists must complete at least one of the entry level training courses, which includes the Zumba Basic and the Jump Start Gold. Zumba also sponsors advanced-level courses for current Zumba education specialists, such as the Toning, Subatomic and Aqua Zumba. After completing the entry level Zumba instructor courses, a Zumba education specialist can use the "Zumba" name when teaching a class and market herself as a Zumba instructor.

 Instructor Pay
After completing a Zumba certification course, Zumba education specialists may determine their own work schedules and set their instructor pay rates. Zumba education specialists control how they market themselves and where they choose to teach Zumba classes. Many facilities employ part-time or full-time Zumba instructors and pay the instructors specific rates for each class. Many Zumba instructors supplement their income by teaching other fitness classes, such as Pilates or yoga, or teach Zumba classes at different facilities. Some Zumba instructors may also work as personal trainers.

Individuals who hold a Zumba Certificate of Completion are considered Zumba education specialists because of their certification; however, most employers hire these Zumba certificate holders under the title of Zumba instructors. According to Indeed, a global job site, the average annual salary of a Zumba instructor is $43,000. Indeed also reports that the average annual salary of a group fitness instructor is $26,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that fitness trainers and aerobic instructors in the United States earned median hourly wages of $14.95 and a median annual salary of $31,090 as of May 2010. The bureau projects that employment opportunities for fitness workers are expected to grow by 29 percent between 2008 and 2018.

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