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 Tableview Fitness , Health and  Wellness classes -  Zumba®

Before you just head off to the local gym and sign up a contract -  look around and you will be amazed at what there is to be offered in and around Tableview , Parklands area.. 

If your looking for a NON gym experience and you love music - well then head down to your local Zumba® class for a full body workout with loads of smiles ..

NOW before you think it is Hip Hop , or classical dance - IT IS NOT

In 60 min you will go through 18 songs which will keep you moving for around 8000 movements and 500+ calories later and have you still smiling and wanting more .. Call  0828762516  or email me and start TODAY


You will even do classes with weights for toning purposes

Zumba classes are for all ages -- Tableview

Zumba Classes are for all ages   ---  Male and Female  --

Zumba fitness Tableview 2019

1st Zumba class for 2019  -- More enrolling and some still on leave .. Tableview zumba fitness is about to expand ..

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