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Feeling overweight and lethargic ?  Tips for you

Large bodies do not move in the same way small bodies do. The moment of inertia is different, and so is momentum. It requires more strength to get a large body moving and takes more time to change direction. Large participants need slower music to protect joints and keep control as they shift from side to side. I recommend selections with a beat of 120–30 beats per minute. At this pace, both small and large bodies have time for fuller extensions and safer moves.

The good news is that Zumba is perfect for those not yet in there correct weight catagory -  Thats why 80% of the ladies in any class are having fun as they reduce weight and reach there goals in fitness and well being .

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Many people harbor a prejudice against obese people and don’t even realize it. Some fitness professionals subtly convey this unfairness when they teach, thinking it will motivate participants. If you think you can tell a person’s fitness level by his body size, then you are prejudging him. In fact, if a person is exercising regularly and eating a nutritious diet, then she is as fit as she can be at any given size. You have no way of knowing her lifestyle habits by looking at her.

Take Kate as an example. She was a chubby baby, a chunky kid and a plus-size teen. She lost and gained weight repeatedly, becoming larger each time, until at age 50 she was larger than ever. Several months ago, Kate found out she had high cholesterol and blood pressure and decided to focus on wellness and lifestyle changes. She ate healthfully and exercised daily. After 6 months of hard work, her efforts were paying off. Even though she had lost only 2 pounds, her cholesterol and blood pressure had returned to normal. “Thank goodness I was doing this for my health,” Kate said. “If I had been doing this to lose weight, I would have shot myself in the head!”

Next, Kate decided to add a gym group fitness class to her workout routine. At 54˝ and 280 pounds, she was the fattest person in class. No one knew from looking at her that she was highly active and a flaming success at restoring her health. As the instructor taught class, she commented that an exercise “will help you lose weight.” She said that another move “will help prevent those wiggly underarms.” By the end of the hour, Kate felt like a failure. She was the heaviest person there and had terminally wiggly underarms. She felt like the worst nightmare of everyone in the room. She never returned.

In any Zumba class you will never feel this way -- Were all on the same road - Trying to keep fit ..

Join a class and see for yourself --  its the only way --  Smiles and laughter

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