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         Why people don`t like going to modern Gyms

Reasons Why some people don`t like going to large clinically clean gyms with people strutting around like peacocks ----

It’s ironic that the place you go to in order to get in shape may be what’s holding back your progress more than anything else. Gyms have changed a lot . Most aren’t interested in whether you meet your goals or not. As long as they keep traffic moving, and prevent the members from inadvertently killing themselves, they really don’t care if you lose 10 pounds, fill out your shirt sleeves, or show up to bench press wearing a polo shirt and blue jeans.

A lot of people these days are so uptight and stressed out to the max that going to the gym just adds to it. Especially huge corporate gyms, I have a relative of mine who has an anxiety attack whenever I bring her into my gym. It’s big and full of the "beautiful people" most who are wearing sports bras, shorts and many guys are shirtless. This is very intimidating to the people who need to work out the most.

In my experience, the number one reason why a lot of people don't go to the gym is that they're afraid that they'll be judged.

I think that a lot of people are afraid that they'll embarrass themselves. That's why I try to make fitness education a big part of what I do. People should have confidence in the fitness or weight loss class, not cockiness or reservations.

Gyms can be smelly and noisy along with being a time consuming event.
The thought of having to get in my car, drive to a gym, find a safe place to store my stuff, make sure there's no sweat left from the last person on the handles I'm going to touch, adjust the seat or resistance or incline or whatever then actually do the workout seems like so much wasted time.

Clients with severe anxiety disorders that prohibited them from being in crowded places. Though not always packed with people, the thought of it drove them to find other places to achieve their fitness goals.

hate the gym environment

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