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Melkbosstrand has a awesome Zumba® class ...Start your day with some zany people all with a zest for fun and fitness... 

Morning and evening classes for teens and adults .. are open to the public..

Classes are geared to get the fit toned and the unfit to a healthy lifestyle ...      Each class is 60 minutes twice a week .. in the 60min you will do over 8000+ movements that is equal to a 6.2km run , but is far more fun ... Members burn around 500 - 800 calories , depending on your personal fitness level ..

Each one in class goes at there own pace - No  competition - just good fun

Days   Tuesday  and Thursday 

Morning class  @ 8.45am  and Evening @ 7.30pm 

Call  0828762516  or email  me peter@zumba-fitness.co.za


Melkbosstrand Zumba members
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